About Us

SHENZHEN ANSMAY ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (ANSMAY (HK) COMPANY LTD) is an enterprise which professionally develops and produces office intelligent hardware appliances products, the company was founded in 2004, factory and office located in Guangdong Province, China. the production of multi-functional desktop socket series has accumulated to 18 categories, such as Electric flip socket, Manual flip socket, Air support type desktop socket, Lifting desktop socket, Pop up desktop socket, Brush desktop socket, Aluminum panel desktop socket, Cylindrical socket, Kitchen socket, Triangle desktop socket, Sofa socket, floor socket, under table socket, Flipping panel socket, Cable cubby desktop socket, Flip up LCD monitor, Aluminium Grommet box, LCD monitor lifter, etc., hundreds of various of products. Every year, ANSMAY company will produce new products, which are recognized by customers overseas. The products are exported to Europe,America, Africa, southeast Asia, Middle east, etc., more than 10 countries and regions., its quality is in a leading level in domestic industry.

Company products are mainly suitable for medium and large surfboard-shape top class in a kindergarten, various hotels, office buildings, laboratory, Banks, the government project office system integration use. The company has a group of experienced professionals, production management and quality control can achieve customers standards.  Product design is based on realistic and innovative spirit for both to create better economic benefits. Trying to combinate professional experience with customers actual conditions and demands, helping different types of enterprise, according to its different products target and demand, customize best manufacturing solutions.

ANSMAY pays attention to office intelligence and automation development, leading the industry development trend, taking the market need oriented, taking the high-quality service as guaranteed , striving to create the first brand of office automation intelligent and with our clients, common development, and creating beautiful future.


Core Values】 

 A:High quality innovative design is our eternal pursuit core. 

 B: With hard work and fighting spirit to pursue the career. 

 C: Have more innovation in our products, services, skills and management. 

 D: High standards and do everything possible to do our best to pursuit excellence.  


Service concept】 

 Do it hard to move customers.  


Team spirit】 

 Everyone is a machine parts, part of the team. 

 With the progress of our enterprise, you will have your progress. 

 With our cooperation, you will achieve your success.