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SHENZHEN ANSMAY ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (ANSMAY (HK) COMPANY LTD) is an enterprise which professionally develops and produces office intelligent hardware appliances products, the company was founded in 2004, factory and office located in Guangdong Province, China. the production of multi-functional desktop socket series has accumulated to 18 categories, such as Electric flip socket, Manual flip socket, Air support type desktop socket, Lifting desktop socket, Pop up desktop socket, Brush desktop socket, Aluminum panel desktop socket, Cylindrical socket, Kitchen socket, Triangle desktop socket, Sofa socket, floor socket, under table socket, Flipping panel socket, Cable cubby desktop socket, Flip up LCD monitor, Aluminium Grommet box, LCD monitor lifter, etc., hundreds of various of products. 

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  Name: Mr yang
  Tel: +86-755-84410889
  Add: Shenzhen,China